Permobil M5 Corpus with Supportec Evoshape - Beyond Mobility.
Permobil M5 Corpus Powerchair with Supportec Evoshape Soft Partial Seating System
Here we have the Permobil M5 Corpus which has been complemented by the Supportec EvoShape Soft Partial custom carved form seating system. 

The Permobil M5 Corpus is a premium Mid-Wheel-Drive Powerchair that uses an advanced suspension system and powerful motors to deliver a high performance outdoor / indoor electric wheelchair that delivers a comfortable and stable driving experience. 

The EvoShape soft Partial Seating system is a bespoke seating solution that is designed from a 3D scan of your unique body contours. It is then harmoniously integrated onto the Permobil Corpus seating system to create a tidy set-up that provides a cleaner integration than most other seating solutons. 
This Permobil M5 was delivered to a client in Hayle, Cornwall - and included the following features and accessories; 
  • 50 Degrees Power Posterior Tilt 
  • Manually Adjustable Legrest Angle 
  • Manually Adjustable Backrest Angle 
  • LED Lighting Kit 
  • BodiLink Headrest 
  • Angle Adjustable Tray 
  • Ram Mounts Cup-Holder 
  • Ram Mounts X-Grip Phone Holder 
  • BodiPoint Angle Huggers 
  • Wide Footplates 


Permobil M5 Corpus Powerchair with Supportec Evoshape Soft Partial Seating System


Beyond Mobility provides free assessments and demonstrations of the Permobil Powerchair range. Get in touch with us to organise your assessment or discuss your needs. 

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