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Evoshape Soft Partial

Evoshape Soft Partial

The Supportec EvoShape Soft Foam Partial from Permobil is a solution that is ideal for users using a recline function. The Soft Partial can be easily integrated onto the Permobil Corpus powerchairs, and seamlessly integrates with the biomechanic backrest. This provides the possibility to maintain the full range of motion when reclining. 

The Evoshape partial is a custom designed seat cushion and backrest solution that is specifically designed for your body shape, and comes with some great benefits; 

  • Supports postural symmetry to maintain alignment
  • Creates precise body orientation
  • Custom carved for optimised support and stability
  • Improves postural balance and sitting tolerance
  • Reduce the need for additional support accessories
  • Stabilises and accommodates asymmetrical posture to prevent further aggravation
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Industry leading production

The Evoshape from Supported used WaterProof Stitching (WPS®), an advanced technique providing seamless welding of patterns, that can be attached together, whilst remaining 100% watertight. No needle is used, meaning there are no holes in the material. Water and moisture have no chance of penetrating into the orthosis. This guarantees better hygiene and a longer service life.

Digital Drape Upholstery (DDU®) provides the ability to upholster in shape rather than by stretch. The object is measured digitally, after which a computer cuts out the patterns that when put together, exactly match the shape of the object. The original shape remains unchanged, and the stretch in the material provides extra comfort. DDU® is an upholstery technique developed by Supportec.

To protect your seating system against the effects of moisture and dirt, Seam Tape Bonding (STB®) creates a 100% waterproof seam. This extends the life of the orthosis and improves hygiene. STB can be applied to stitched seams and seams that have been welded using WaterProof Stitching. The tape that is applied also reinforces the seam strength.

Supportec works exclusively with a new generation of special high-speed triple feed sewing machines. These machines achieve superior stitch quality, both for the stitching that is visible and for attaching and fixing the seams. Only the best is good enough.

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