Deep dive: Everything you need to know about the Permobil M3 Corpus - Beyond Mobility.

Deep dive: Everything you need to know about the Permobil M3 Corpus

The Permobil M3 Corpus is a high-performance mid-wheel drive power wheelchair (Sometimes referred to as an 'electric wheelchair') that is designed to provide users with exceptional comfort, manoeuvrability, and stability. It is a popular choice for individuals who require a versatile and dependable electric wheelchair for both indoor and outdoor use.

Overview of the Permobil M3 Corpus

Key Features:

  • Mid-wheel drive design for superior manoeuvrability
  • Corpus seating system for optimal comfort and support
  • ActiveReach forward tilt for enhanced independence
  • Smooth suspension for a stable, comfortable ride
  • Long range and fast speeds for greater freedom

Benefits of the Permobil M3 Corpus:

  • Improved mobility and independence
  • Enhanced comfort and support
  • Greater stability and safety
  • Versatile performance for a variety of environments

Ideal Users for the Permobil M3 Corpus:

  • Individuals who require a manoeuvrable wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use
  • Users who need a comfortable and supportive seating system
  • Individuals who desire a wheelchair with a long range and fast speeds

Frequently Asked Qestions:

What is the Corpus seating system?

The Corpus seating system is a unique seating design that provides optimal comfort and support for users with a variety of needs. It features biomechanically optimised pivot points, seamless shear reduction, and enhanced legrest articulation to maximise positioning throughout the full range of movement.

Check-out: Corpus Power Functions 

What is ActiveReach forward tilt?

ActiveReach anterior / forward tilt is a feature that allows the user to lean forward independently, making it easier to reach objects, transfer to beds or chairs, and participate in activities.

What is Smooth suspension?

Smooth suspension is an innovative suspension system that provides greater balance and stability for a smoother ride. It also reduces vibration and fatigue, making it more comfortable for users to spend long periods of time in their wheelchairs.

What is the range of the Permobil M3 Corpus?

The range of the Permobil M3 Corpus depends on the size of the batteries. With 65ah batteries, the range is up to 32 km (20 miles).

What is the top speed of the Permobil M3 Corpus?

The top speed of the Permobil M3 Corpus is 10 km/h (6.5 mph).

Where can I purchase the Permobil M3 Corpus?

The Permobil M3 Corpus is available from Beyond Mobility, we provide a no-obligation professional assessment of all Permobil wheelchairs. Contact us to find out more

What is the weight of the Permobil M3 Corpus? 

According to the data provided by Permobil, the M3 Corpus weighs 176kg, which includes their 65ah battery system. It's worth noting that the 85ah battery upgrade will cause the overall weight to increase. 

How much does a Permobil M3 cost? 

The Permobil M3 Corpus has a base price of £7314 (Correct, Jan 2024). However, like any customisable wheelchair, this is something that will increase based on the requirement of the user. Adding features such as powered tilt and powered seat elevator will add to the final cost. As an estimation, it is likely to cost anywhere between £8,500 - £15,000 depending on the build specification. 

How do I charge the Permobil M3? 

You should keep your Permobil M3 charged after any use - charging overnight (For 8 - 12 hours) is recommended. 

To charge, you should follow this process; 

1. switch off the chair 
2. With mains power off, plug the 3-pin charger into the charging port (Usually found on the joystick). 
3. Switch the charger on at the mains. 


The Permobil M3 Corpus is a powerful and versatile power wheelchair that offers users exceptional comfort, maneuverability, and stability. It is an excellent choice for individuals who require a dependable wheelchair for both indoor and outdoor use.


If you're looking for an electric wheelchair that offers greater speeds, distance, and performance - then check out the Permobil M5 Corpus

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