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Track Wheel - Single Arm Carbon Fibre

Track Wheel - Single Arm Carbon Fibre

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Are you looking for a product to enable outdoor adventure? Then you should consider the Track Wheel from Rehasense.

Whether you´re tackling cobbles and bumps in the city, rolling over cycling trails, or exploring rough nature trails - this wheelchair Front Wheel attachment will enable you to move effortlessly on a wide range of terrains.

Made using strong but lightweight carbon fibre,  The 12” large Track Wheel lifts the castor wheels off of the ground, and the wheelchair is tilted slightly backwards. With this, rolling resistance is noticeably reduced and enables you to enjoy more speed, comfort and manoeuvrability within your wheelchair.

Once this front wheel attachment has been correctly adjusted to fit your wheelchair, it can be attached and detached within seconds. The Track Wheel comes in two connecting systems: Single Arm with one clamping device and Double Arm with a double clamping device.

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