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Speed Control Dial

Speed Control Dial

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Fitting Kit

The Speed Control Dial for the SmartDrive MX2+ brings next-level control and intuitiveness. You are now able to start, stop, and adjust your speeds easily by rotating the dial forwards or backwards. It's wired and is powered by the SmartDrive MX2+ unit, so there is no need to charge two separate devices.

Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

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  • Fuss free setup

    The Speed Control Dial can be mounted directly to the frame or with the optional extended mount in under 5 minutes.

  • No Battery

    The SpeedControl’s reinforced cable provides a reliable connection that’s easy to install and allows it to be powered by the SmartDrive MX2+ unit. No need to charge two devices!

  • Extension Bracket

    This optional extension mount gives increased adjustability and can be easily rotated for transfers.

SmartDrive Power Assist with Speed Control Dial

Intuitive control

SmartDrive setup and training is faster and easier than ever with this simple control.

When indoors, open doors, navigate carpet easily and complete other home tasks with ease.

When outdoors, go up ramps and dropped curbs, walk your dog, and much more with SmartDrive and SpeedControl.

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