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Rear-View Camera System

Rear-View Camera System

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The Rear-View camera system from AWARE is designed to easily integrate onto your Powerchair.

With installation solutions for Permobil, R-Net (Including Sunrise Medical & Dietz), as well as Omni2 expandable control systems - this back-up camera for powered wheelchairs will ease your worries, and give you the ability to see what's behind you.

The camera and radar system gives you a clear and accurate picture of obstacles and hazards in your way.

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  • Permobil

    The AWARE Rear-View Camera system is compatible with Permobil powerchairs with R-Net and Power Platform.

  • Quickie

    The AWARE Rear-View Camera system is compatible with Quickie powerchairs with R-Net.

  • XLR

    The AWARE Rear-View Camera system is compatible with Power Wheelchairs or Scooters with an XLR charging port

  • USB Power

    The AWARE Rear-View Camera system is compatible with any Manual or Power Wheelchair using your own USB power bank or Power Supply

AWARE Back-Up Camera system display.

Large Display

The display of the rear-view camera system is bright, and easy-to-see - giving you a clear picture of obstacles behind you.

This makes backing up and reversing in your wheelchair safer and easier.

AWARE back-up camera

High-Resolution, Ultra Wide-Angle Camera with Light

The high-resolution and ultra-wide angle camera on the AWARE rear-view camera system gives you a clear picture of behind you.  

There's even a built-in nightlight which improves your vision and visibility in low-light conditions.

AWARE Rear View Camera Switch

Easy Switch

The large toggle switch makes it easy to turn your AWARE camera on or off. The switch features soft rubber for improved grip.

You can turn on the AWARE powerchair camera system whether you're reversing or not - so you can see behind you anytime you want.

The long cable gives you flexible mounting options so you can set it in reach.

Radar Buzzer

The AWARE system comes complete with a Radar Buzzer.

When connected, the buzzer alerts you with an audible tone that beeps faster the closer you are to an obstacle.