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The Omni2 is a specialty control interface that is required when using alternative drive controls with R-Net electronics. 

The Omni2 is compatible with a wide range of Specialty Input Devices (SIDs) including alternative joysticks, switch inputs, switched and proportional head controls, sip-and-puff systems, and scanners. The SID is connected to the wheelchair electronics via the Omni2 interface module allowing full operation of the wheelchair’s functions including drive, seating and more. The Omni2 can accommodate up to two SIDs on one power wheelchair with the ability to transfer control between desired devices.  

The Omni2 features the same advanced Infrared (IR) control and integrated Bluetooth found in the Permobil Joystick Module. Use the programmable IR to operate TVs, DVDs, cable/satellite or other compatible environmental controls. Connect and control up to 4 supported Bluetooth devices including 2 for mouse control and 2 for iDevice switch control functionality. Customise names of paired devices for improved menu navigation and easily switch between connected devices without unpairing. 

Note: This Omni2 features a mounting kit for the Permobil Corpus seating system 

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