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Manta Back

Manta Back

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The Spex Manta offers a premium back support solution, whether that be forming a crucial part of a complex seating system, or providing a nice, comfortable and supportive hug for the user of a simplistic set-up.

The Manta backrest solution offers a solid shell with unique built-in lateral wings that are width, height and angle adjustable to give excellent lateral stability. An upholstery wrap offers comfort and secure spine and trunk support.

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Premium back support

Under the cover, lies a backrest solution that offers incredible versatility, adjustability and comfort.

At first, the Manta back looks like any other moulded backrest solution. A range of back heights and widths to accomodate all sizes and shape

However, unlike other moulded back solutions - the Manta offers lateral supports that are adjustable in width, height and depth.

This sleek looking backrest, is a great option for those requiring adjustable lateral support - without the traditional hardware and pads on show.

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  • Spex Manta Depth Adjustable Laterals

    Depth Adjustable Inbuilt Lateral Supports

    5cm of depth adjustment on back supports up to 15", and 7.8cm of depth adjustment on back supports 16" & above

  • Spex Manta Height Adjustable Laterals

    Height Adjustable Inbuilt lateral supports

    3cm of height adjustment on back supports up to 15" and 4cm of height adjustment on back supports 16" & above

  • Comfortable and Secure Spine & Trunk Support

    The Upholstery wrap on the Spex Manta creates a nice supportive 'hug' - the Manta has your back!

  • Add Head Supports & Other postural support options

    Add options such as a Spex head support or shoulder harness to the Manta to suit individual needs

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