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The R82 Kudu is a practical indoor and outdoor manual wheelchair which combines form and functionality to provide the right fit and support for a comfortable posture.

Available in 4 sizes, the Kudu has many features that are adjustable as the child grows. Designed to offer exceptional adjustability - The backrest height and seat depth can be extended without having to change cushions. The Kudu cushions have a one-piece removable upholstery that provides comfort for the child and brings simplicity to the overall design - or, use a 3rd party wheelchair cushion of your choice.

A significant feature on the Kudu is the self-centering tilt-in-space that provides effortless tilting of the seat while maintaining optimum balance. Kudu remains stable with the back reclined and the self-centering tilt-in-space activated.

Considerations have been taken into account to enhance the child’s comfort and minimise the caregiver’s effort when manoeuvring the wheelchair. Designed with a facility to change the back recline angle without tools. 

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