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FreeWheel Folding Wheelchair Adapter

FreeWheel Folding Wheelchair Adapter

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The FreeWheel manual wheelchair attachment is now available for folding wheelchairs thanks to the folding wheelchair adapter.

To fit, there needs to be 2.5” of round, horizontal side tubing to attach Folding Wheelchair Adapter. May be angled, as long as the sides are parallel. Round horizontal tubing may be 1” or 1-1/8” in diameter.

- Width between horizontal tubing 13” to 19”.
- Maximum height 4” on single footrest
- Side tubing height: 2 footrests 6” to 16”. Single footrest 10” to 16”.
- FreeWheel clamps on to "HITCH”.
- Easily remove Adapter by unscrewing knobs on side tubing.
- Weight 3.5 lbs.
 -Adaptor only. Freewheel available separately here
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