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The ENJO is a wheelchair power pack/ power assist device that mounts to the rear of the wheelchair, and provides carers and assistants, power on demand when pushing a wheelchair.

The ENJO by AceKare provides the ability to navigate a wheelchair through various terrains, especially uphill or across town all day - which can usually can be incredibly exhausting for attendants.

The ENJO power assist device provides a practical solution, enabling attendants to effortlessly propel the user and their manual wheelchair. With ENJO, tackling hills and long journeys becomes a breeze, offering both attendants and users peace of mind and enhanced mobility.

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  • 6km/h

    The Enjo Wheelchair Power Pack features a top speed of 6kmh / 3.7mph

  • 23km

    The Maximum range of the Enjo wheelchair power pack is 23 km / 14 Miles

  • 4kg

    The Enjo Wheelchair Power Pack is lightweight, at just 4kg.

  • 150kg

    The AceKare Enjo packs an impressive 150kg maximum user weight.

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Attendant Controlled

The AceKare Enjo is a wheelchair power pack that is designed to be operated by caregivers, to assist when pushing the wheelchair.

It features an easy to operate attendant control to ensure a controlled speed is maintained.

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