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Deep Contour Segmented

Deep Contour Segmented

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The deep contour segmented from V-Trak is a backrest that is made up of three individual moulds (Segments), that allow an exceptional range of paediatric or adult sizes and shapes to be constructed from a range of modular parts.

Each segment has all the special features of the contour backrests. They have integral lateral supports for increased stability, internal straps for lumbar profiling and for adjusting the resilience and feel of the backrest.

Unlike the Contour backrests, the segmented backrest solution is provided with V-Trak's CMA hardware for unparalleled levels of adjustment. 

Beyond Mobility are a premium supplier of Permobil Seating & Positioning solutions, and offer complimentary seating assessments with the V-Trak seating solutions. Get in touch to find out more or book your assessment.

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