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Constructa Cushion

Constructa Cushion

The Spex Constructa Cushion is the Most Anatomically Adaptable Cushion we have available at Beyond Mobility.

Research shows that asymmetric limited hip flexion is linked to the development of other conditions, including pelvic obliquity, trunk asymmetry, scoliosis and windswept hips.

A wheelchair cushion that can accommodate asymmetrical hip angles is able to maintain or improve posture over time, instead of contributing to the development of other postural conditions... Which is where the Constructa Cushion comes in. 

The Constructa system is built up by a range of modular cushions and inserts which can adapt to accommodate complex postural needs for users of all ages. From simple seating requirements to the most challenging demands, the result is better seating which minimises pressure while maximising comfort.

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Every body is different...

We understand that every wheelchair user is different, with their own individual needs and this own unique set of challenges.

A solid foundation is the base for a stable posture, requiring a cushion to support the pelvis for an individuals unique physical requirements - Which is what the Constructa cushion does.

  • Spex Constructa Cushion for Hip Flexion

    Limited Hip Flexion

  • Spex Constructa Cushion for Windswept Hips

    Windswept Posture

  • Spex Constructa Cushion for Pressure Relief

    Issues with areas of pressure

  • Spex Constructa Cushion for Adduction or Abduction

    Adduction / Abduction

  • Spex Constructa Cushion for Pelvic Obliquity

    Pelvic Obliquity

  • Symmetric & Asymmetric Postures

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Designed to fit you.

The Spex Constructa Cushion is designed to match the body's natural contours.

Built to be aligned with our anatomy.

Pressure management

The entire Constructa cushion has been designed to manage pressure. The invertible positioning blocks provide the foundations for a supportive and immersive cushion, while the ischial well blends without any firm edges for ultimate comfort. The Thigh and Trochanter Blocks have a dual-layer construction using medium and firm foams. These blocks can be inverted with the firm grey foam at the top to reduce the immersion in a cushion zone, changing the overall pressure distribution of the cushion.