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Buddy Wheel - 24"

Buddy Wheel - 24"

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The Buddy wheel from Omobic is engineered to navigate challenging terrain with ease.

This wheel features a 507mm rim size to keep the overall size as compact as possible, and an offset hub to provide clearance from the chair side, facilitating manoeuvrability in tight spaces.   

It comes equipped with a 24″ x 2″ (50-507) Schwalbe Big Apple tyre which offers a large contact area - ideal for soft terrain like grass, gravel and sand. 

The smooth tread of the tyre allows for a reasonably high rolling resistance when self-propelling, making the OMOBIC Buddy a perfect partner for front end third wheel attachments and power add-on's.  The buddy wheel comes assembled complete with a black anodised handrim and 1/2″ bearing as standard.  A 12mm bearing version is available upon request.

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