Collection: Front-Wheel-Drive Powerchairs

Beyond Mobility are specialist providers of Powerchairs and Electric Wheelchairs throughout the South-West, South-East and Midlands. 

Our range of Front-Wheel Drive powerchairs have been carefully selected to meet varying clinical needs, functional requirements and budgets. 

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Benefits of a powerchair

Powerchairs offer a comfortable way for those with limited mobility to remain independent. They offer more functionality than standard electric wheelchairs and are customisable each individual users needs. Electrically powered, they ease physical strain whilst allowing easy navigation through varying terrains.

Check out our blog post: Benefits of a front-wheel-drive powerchair to learn more.

What is a Front-Wheel-Drive Powerchair?

A Front-Wheel-Drive Powerchair is when the drive wheels are positioned towards the front of the wheelchair powerbase, along with two castor wheels at the rear of the wheelchair.

Unlike Mid-Wheel-Drive Powerchairs, which have two drive wheels positioned in the centre of the power base, along with four castor wheels - two at the front, and two at the rear.

Front-Wheel-Drive Powerchairs usually offer enhanced stability, increased accessibility, and optimised comfort. However, Mid-Wheel-Drive wheelchairs offer a more intuitive drive and a smaller turning circle.

Our Front-Wheel-Drive models are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use with a focus on quality, reliability and functionality. We also offer alternative drive controls for individuals who are unable to use the traditional joystick.

Professional demonstrations

We offer free, no obligation professional demonstrations and assessments at your home, place of work, hospital or school. No need to travel to a clinic, as we conduct an environmental suitability assessment as part of our procedure - this ensures that the product you're interested in is able to be used exactly where you want to go, helping you find the wheelchair that fits your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about front-wheel-drive powerchairs

What features should I consider when looking at front-wheel-drive powerchairs?

When researching front wheel drive powerchairs, it's important to understand the main purpose of the wheelchair.

Some considerations should include;

  • Where will the wheelchair be used? (Indoors, outdoors, off-road)
  • How will the wheelchair be transported? (Wheelchair accessible vehicle, car-boot)
  • How much range should the wheelchair have? (Think about where you might usually travel)
  • What is the maximum weight capacity of the wheelchair?
  • What seating functions should the powerchair have? (Posterior Tilt, Power Elevator, Power Recline, Power Legrests, Anterior tilt etc.)

It's good to understand the answers to these questions, as it will help assessors to suggest and demonstrate products that suit your needs.

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