Looking for an Invacare Alber e-Fix alternative?

If you're looking for an alternative to the Alber e-fix, then you might consider the Decon E-Drive. This hub-mounted power assist device transforms your manual wheelchair into a powered wheelchair with a joystick control.

Decon E-Drive Blackline Joystick controlled power assist device

Decon E-Drive

The Decon E-Drive is easily mounted on manual wheelchairs. It features hub motors with the latest technology.

You can quickly choose whether to use the power, or propel yourself. When using the power option, the control is easily managed using a joystick.

Decon E-Drive
Decon E-Drive joystick controller

Simple operation

Occupant Joystick

The Decon E-Drive uses a simple joystick controller to operate the wheelchair. It features;

  • On/Off Switch
  • Speed adjust
  • Proportional joystick
  • Horn button
  • LCD Display
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Easy to manage

Attendant Joystick

There are multiple options that allow an attendant to control the Decon E-Drive;

  • Dual control: This is ideal for when the occupant would like to independently control the drive, but, when an attendant needs to control the chair occasionally.
  • Mount Joystick as attendant: This would be used for wheelchairs when the occupant will not require any control of the wheelchair.
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Decon E-Drive Blackline - Hub-Mounted, Joystick controlled power assist device.

Suit your style

Programmable drive style

The 120w motors offer three different program variations;

  • Soft mode
  • Standard mode
  • Sport Mode

Enabling you to choose a driving style that meets your needs.

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Ready to book your demonstration?

With Invacare's increasing lead times, now is the perfect time to source an alternative solution. The E-Drive offers short lead times, enhanced reliability, and a multitude of fitting kits for a wide variety of manual wheelchairs.

Beyond Mobility offer the Decon E-Drive throughout Cornwall, Devon and Somerset - with a free, no-obligation demonstration and professional assessment.

Progeo Exelle Vario Manual Wheelchair

Need a manual wheelchair in combination?

We're offering package deal on the Progeo Exelle Vario when purchased in conjunction with the Decon E-Drive. Saving you money, and time.

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