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We're proud to be supporting the Child Brain Injury Trust, and honoured to be a part of the CBIT in Hand Marketplace.  


What is the Child Brain Injury Trust? 

The Child Brain Injury Trust is the leading voluntary sector organisation providing emotional and practical support, information and learning opportunities for families and professionals affected by childhood acquired brain injury across the UK.

Established by a group of health professionals in 1991, with a goal to research and provide information regarding the effects of traumatic injury on a child’s developing brain.

Parents of children with acquired brain injury were keen to become actively involved with the charity and over time the emphasis on the work changed.

The Child Brain Injury Trust works across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and has a dedicated team of professional staff and volunteers who give their expertise, commitment and energy every day.


What is CBIT in Hand? 

CBIT In Hand is the first ever digital health intervention for families affected by Childhood Acquired Brain Injury and has been downloaded by more than 2,000 people since launching in 2021.

The app gives parents and families access to virtual support for childhood concussion, head injury and acquired brain injury (ABI).


  • It reaches professionals who need advice and support around this subject.
  • It provides access to tailored information, at your fingertips, when needed.
  • It offers a vast range of resources and signposting to relevant organisations.
  • It puts the difficult terminology into a more readable and simpler form, for all to understand.

CBIT in Hand serves as an adaptable information portal providing information at every stage of a family’s journey after sustaining concussion, head injury or an ABI.


Child Brain Injury Trust CBIT in Hand App  

What is the CBIT in Hand Marketplace? 

The CBIT In Hand Marketplace is an easy-to-access hub of useful and appropriate products and services across the whole of the UK. It is a place where families can turn to, safe in the knowledge that the app is a trusted, respected and credible place for them, with the reassurance that all products or services have been reviewed
by the charity.

Within the Marketplace, there are a range of products and services from assistive technology, clothing and home adaptations to therapy services, nursing care and case management; all of which have been approved by the Child Brain Injury Trust.


You can download the CBIT in Hand app on the App Store or Play store.

Beyond Mobility have a range of solutions suited to children with acquired brain injury. We offer Paediatric powerchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, as well as Seating and Positioning solutions

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