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What is a Personal Wheelchair Budget?

The Personal Wheelchair Budget was launched In December 2019 for people who access wheelchair services. Those whose posture and mobility needs impact their wider health and social care needs, have a legal right to a personal wheelchair budget.

A Personal Wheelchair Budget, or PWB, is available to support wider wheelchair choice within NHS commissioned services. 

What does this mean for you? If you meet the Wheelchair Service eligibility criteria, and you qualify for a new or replacement wheelchair, then you are eligible to be considered for a PWB.

The PWB scheme was introduced to broaden the scope of the mobility equipment that can be provided by taking advantage of other funding sources as well as Wheelchair Service funding. This could be via your own financial contribution, or it could be via other statutory agencies or charitable organisations.

The PWB scheme aims to provide more choice and flexibility, whilst covering the ongoing cost of your postural and mobility needs. You can apply for a new PWB every 5 years. If you have any questions about accessing your PWB, please contact us here , or your local Wheelchair Service with your query. 

Beyond Mobility will provide powerchairs, manual wheelchairs and power assist devices to individuals who are looking at using their Personal Wheelchair Budget. We operate throughout Cornwall, Devon (Including Exeter), Somerset, Dorset and Bristol. 



Who can apply for a PWB?

Any individual who meets the eligibility criteria for provision of an NHS wheelchair and who qualifies for a new or replacement chair may apply for a PWB. A PWB may not always be the right choice for you. Your individual needs will be discussed with you at your assessment.


What if I already have an NHS wheelchair?

If you are using an NHS supplied wheelchair and your clinical needs have changed, you can request a re-assessment and a PWB may be considered if changes to your current wheelchair seating are not appropriate.


What can a PWB be used for?

The PWB can only be used towards the purchase of a manual wheelchair, powered wheelchair or power assist device (including accessories) that meets your clinical needs and cannot be exchanged for money. 

The PWB gives you the flexibility to use the value of your NHS prescribed equipment, for products that are not on the standard NHS provision. 

Access a powerchair, manual wheelchair, or, power assist device through the PWB Scheme from Beyond Mobility.



Is the PWB a better option for you?

The PWB scheme allows more choice and flexibility. Traditionally, there was a limited range of standard wheelchairs that were available, and lean NHS budgets meant that you wern't able to access wheelchairs outside of this that may better meet your needs, additionally, there wasn't any funding flexibility that allowed you to 'upgrade' your equipment. 


You don’t have to accept a wheelchair from the NHS which meets minimum requirements - you can choose to source a product that allows you to maximise your independence. 


You're able upgrade your electric wheelchair to a top of the range model like a Permobil M3 Corpus, which has the option of having a 12" Powered Seat Elevator and 20 Degrees Anterior Tilt. 

Or, you can opt to get a super lightweight manual wheelchair like the Progeo Joker, and attach a Front-Mount power assist device like the Progeo MotoTronik


Getting a PWB is your right within your care plan. It makes it easier to obtain a wheelchair that meets your needs, and allows you to choose how to spend your NHS funding. 

How can Beyond Mobility help you with your PWB?

We can help you from application, to product delivery and ongoing support.


The first stage is for you to give us your signed PWB voucher. This voucher can be used to fund, or part contribute towards the cost of powerchair, Manual wheelchair or Power Assist Device. We will discuss your individual needs, risks and desires to then allow us to recommend the most suitable product. We always aim to maximise independence whilst offering comfort and reliability. We will also take into consideration the findings of your NHS assigned therapist. 


Once you are happy with your prescribed product, we will send the specifications to your NHS Wheelchair Services for approval. This makes sure our wheelchair recommendations will fulfil the mobility goals as set out by your NHS Occupational Therapist. You may find at this point the value of your PWB voucher increases as you will own the product and therefore be responsible for servicing and repairs.


There is an advantage to this is - maintenance and adjustments will potentially be quicker as you will be dealing with us and not having to wait for the NHS. We will do it all for you. 


When your product is ordered, you don’t have to worry about finances - we contact the contributor or contributors direct. We will sort it all out and as long as you are not part funding privately, you do not need to pay anything or have to claim back costs.

Do I need to get my PWB wheelchair insured?

We work with specialist wheelchair insurance providers who will cover the cost of any accidental damage, and provide public liability peace of mind. This means you are protected against any unforeseen costs associated with:

  • repairs to your wheelchair
  • damage to third party property 
  • injuring a third person. 

Our partner, Fish Insurance, can also help you with an extended product warranty, so you do not have the worry of paying for replacement parts if a breakdown arises. Typically, a manufacturer will provide a 2-year warranty however this can be replaced with 5-year cover right up until you can apply for another PWB voucher and new product.


Speak to us... 

If you need a wheelchair and meet the eligibility criteria for the NHS Wheelchair Services, contact us as soon as possible. Whether or not you have been assessed already, we can help you understand the options available to you outside of the standard NHS provision, discuss your needs in more detail and arrange a free product consultation. 

We are based in Liskeard, and operate throughout the South-West. We are able to accept a PWB Voucher from all Wheelchair services including Cornwall, Plymouth, Exeter and Bristol. 

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